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7 Tips for Master Data Management Success with Ashley Furniture (Sponsored)

A Collaborative Environment and Repeatable Process for Successful Knowledge Graph Development

Accessibility-Driven AI

Advanced Data Visualization Techniques for Effective Decision-Making

Agility vs Governance: Finding the Balance

AI Alignment Unleashed: Supercharging Business Success with AI

Analogies in Action: Bridging the Divide in Data Governance Communication

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Application in Data Aggregation and Reporting

Betting on Yourself: How a Data Career of Wrong Jobs Led to Finding a Forever Home

Bridging the Generations: Navigating the Gender Gap – Progress, Challenges, and Collective Empowerment

Building an Analytical Data Lake and Starting a Data Governance Journey: A Case Study

Business Intelligence Portal - Engage Your Users with Governed BI (Sponsored)

CDMP You Said? What Is CDMP?

Confluence: Joining Governance Streams to Form Data Products

Crafting Your Career: A Guide to Intentional and Purposeful Professional Growth

Creating a New Training Curriculum with AI

Cultivating Excellence: A Roundtable Discussion

Curating a Data Library: From Zero to Data Governance

Data Architecture Documentation for Project Success

Data Governance and Data Quality in an Agile Environment

Data Governance Build in A Box

Data Lakehouse, Data Mesh, and Data Fabric (The Alphabet Soup of Data Architectures)

Data Mesh for the Real World

Data Products: Turning These Mythical Creatures into Real Deliverables

Demonstrably "In Control" of Data (Quality) Management

Demystifying Vector DBs and Other Options to Accelerate Generative AI

DMBOK - The What and the Who

Driving Behavioral Change for Information Management Through Data-Driven Green Strategy

Driving Innovation and Business Transformation by Starting with Information Flow

Empower Hour: Negotiating Successfully as a Woman

Ending the Cycle of Sadness: Why Data Management Projects Fail

Establishing Data Governance Globally in the Middle of Chaos

Evolving Towards a Data Mesh Architecture

Federated Data Governance: 3 Strategic C's to Make It Happen

From Boardroom to Battlefield: Accelerating Adoption of Data, Analytics, and AI Using Data Mesh

Future-Proof Data Management Through Logical Architectures: Data Fabric and Data Mesh (Sponsored)

Future-Proofing Data: Holistic QA for Quality and Reliability (Sponsored)

GenAI Kickstart: Establishing a GenAI Readiness Baseline

How Do We Help Executives "Get" Data Governance?

How to Avoid Poor Tooling: An End to Bells and Whistles

How to Build Your Own Data Catalog

How to Get Ready for the Graph Revolution

How to Leverage Generative AI Using Enterprise Data

Implementing a Data Quality Framework

Implementing and Sustaining OCM to Improve Data Quality

Improving the Odds: Creative Ways to Keep Your Projects on Track

Initiating Data Governance in a Science-Based Public Sector Organization

Knowledge Graphs for Data Architecture and Governance (Sponsored)

Modernizing Your Data Estate Demands a Modern Data Platform (Sponsored)

Navigating the Data Strategy Landscape: A Comprehensive Checklist

No Data Pour from a Cloud Secure!

Operationalizing Data Licensing from the Legal Perspective

OvalEdge: End-to-End Data Governance (Sponsored)

Panel: Presidential Executive Order - Consumer Data, Privacy, Security, and Safety in the Age of AI

Playful - Data Governance Journey

Privacy-Preserving Data Governance and Architecture

Recovering from Data Governance False Starts – Back to Basics

Redefining Limits: The Power of "How Hard Can It Be?"

Selling the Car While Building It: Driving Data Strategy Adoption in a Fast-Paced Environment

Signal in the Noise: Prioritizing Data for Impact

The Agility of Quantum Data

The Benefits of Domain-Driven Data Modeling

The Burning Question - How Do Humans Make Decisions?

The Data Escape Room: How Is Gamified Learning Transforming Data Literacy (Sponsored)

The Jedi Mind Tricks of Data Organization - Role of Data Taxonomy in Data Governance

The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Swamps

Top Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful Data Strategy Implementation

Trends in Data - Prepare for the Next Seismic Shift

Turning Data into Value

Unified Data Layer - A Curated Data Access Layer

Unlocking the Future of Master Data Management with Generative AI

Using Knowledge Graphs and LLMs for Deep Entity Exploration

What Does GPT Mean? General Purpose Technology: The Future of Generative AI and BI

What? Create a Data Strategy for All the Freshwater in Canada?

What's a Conceptual Data Model and Why Should I Care?

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